27 09, 2023

The Cost of Eating: Contemporary Challenges to the Realisation of the Right to Food in the UK

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Katie Morris, PhD Student at Durham University The current cost-of-living crisis is posing a severe threat to UK household food security. A culmination of factors, including post-Brexit trade barriers, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and poor crop yields associated with climate change, saw the price of food and non-alcoholic beverages within the state increase by 19.1% [...]

6 09, 2023

The Right Time for Children’s Rights? Judges and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Australian Family Law

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By Dr Georgina Dimopoulos Senior Lecturer in Law and Research Associate, Centre for Children and Young People Southern Cross University, Australia Email: georgina.dimopoulos@scu.edu.au Web profile: https://www.scu.edu.au/about/contacts/staff-directory/staff/53873.php As a grant recipient in the 2021-22 SLSA Research Grants Scheme, I conducted a research project examining judicial engagement with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (‘CRC’) in Australian [...]

7 08, 2023

REF2028 – the emerging rules and Law UoAs

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James Hand, University of Portsmouth The UK’s higher education funding bodies announced initial decisions for the operation of REF2028 on 15 June 2023, thirteen months after the REF2021 results were announced.  In some respects, we are already over 40% through the likely new cycle, with REF2028 submission due in 2027 (and guidance and criteria due [...]

18 07, 2023

The Real Cost of Precarity

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By: Anonymous PhD Researcher and Associate Lecturer Image by Camilla via https://www.flickr.com/photos/camillaen/6325164180 The recent SLSA Precarious Employment Survey Report has found that the trends towards precarious employment practices in higher education are a particular concern for PGRs and ECRs. This is not news for those of us affected, but it is a huge [...]

27 06, 2023

Towards a Subversive Legal Education

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Russell Sandberg, Cardiff University  In a previous blog post entitled ‘Why the Past is the Future’, I argued that the study of legal history ought to be at the beating heart of what Law Schools do.  Summarising the arguments of my book Subversive Legal History: A Manifesto for the Future of Legal Education, I contended [...]

5 06, 2023

Lost for Words: Performing Verbatim Court Transcripts

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Dr Benjamin Thorne, Lecturer in Law, Kent Law School & Dr Sean Mulcahy, Research Officer, Gender, Law and Drugs Program, La Trobe University Arts, particularly performance, have been used as mode of enquiry, analysis, empowerment, healing, and agency to explore law. Law and performance is a rich but complex terrain of research, and for this [...]

18 05, 2023

Justice in Drag? What RuPaul’s Drag Race and Dragula can teach us about law

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Dr Rosie Fox and Dr James Greenwood-Reeves, University of Leeds R.Fox@leeds.ac.uk; J.R.H.Greenwood@leeds.ac.uk "Still from Dragula TV show" by The Boulet Brothers is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. We are obsessed with drag and the law. In our SLSA conference paper in 2021, our drag alter egos Mercy Killing and Alice Aforethought demonstrated how [...]

2 05, 2023

What is the Role of Law Schools in the Project of Decolonisation? Some Reflections on Power and Possibility

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Foluke Adebisi, The Law School, University of Bristol Introduction Since 2015 and the #RhodesMustFall movement in Cape Town, South Africa, as well as its counterpart student movement at Oxford University in the UK, the question of the relevance of decolonisation to higher education has become quite prominent across Global North universities. Before this upsurge of [...]

22 03, 2023

Recovering voices of socio-legal reform (and bringing them to a new audience)

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By Dr Sharon Thompson, Reader in Law, Cardiff University “A little while ago I was asked to speak at some big organisation…might have been Women’s Institute. I gave half an hour’s talk, I get one or two questions and it’s over. I think that’s simply amazing. It affects all of them, and yet they’re so [...]

8 03, 2023

Doing, Talking, and Thinking: Reframing legal, economic, and social phenomena

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By Dr Clare Williams, Lecturer, University of Kent In this post, I explore the ways in which our framing tacitly shapes the way we perceive and respond to events through a deep dive into one metaphor: embeddedness. I suggest that if we truly want imaginative ways of responding to the financial crashes, social crises, and [...]