Monument Wars

August 10th, 2020|0 Comments

By Roger Cotterrell, Queen Mary University of London Photo credit: Keith Ewing When I arrived at the University of Texas to teach as an academic visitor three decades ago, it seemed a liberal oasis in a conservative state. But, exploring the Austin campus, I was surprised to find a huge, towering statue of [...]

#VIRTUALSLSA2020: Why lawyers should care about ‘fashion identity’ in the age of artificial intelligence (AI)

August 10th, 2020|0 Comments

By Daria Onitiu, Northumbria University Setting the scene: discerning ‘fashion’ with AI and data personalisation I always was an enthusiastic observer of people’s styles. During my daily walk in Newcastle, the United Kingdom, I do recognise my own preferences in clothing, such as asymmetric clothing in dark colours and certain new fashion trends. [...]

#VIRTUALSLSA2020: The Principle of Humanity: A Beacon of Hope in the Modern ‘Fog of War’

August 10th, 2020|0 Comments

By Ciara Finnegan, Maynooth University International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is one of the oldest branches of International Law and in addition to being regulated by conventional and customary law, it is underpinned by the general principles of Distinction, Military Necessity, and Proportionality; all of which stem from the over-arching Principle of Humanity. These [...]

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