The Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s College London will host the King’s Transnational Law Summit (KTLS18) in Bush House, London, UK between 10-13 April 2018. The event is centred around the theme of Creating Justice for Our Futureand is a critical reflection on the place of lawyers and of law in a world in flux.


KTLS18 takes place at a crucial moment of deepening domestic, regional and global political change and is inspired by the political philosopher Hannah Arendt’s book The Human Condition, which turns 60 next year.

This inaugural Summit will place justice at the centre of a wider interdisciplinary conversation about democratic politics, inequality, health and the environment in a volatile world. It is our hope to develop KTLS18 into a sustainable platform for an ongoing collaboration on some of the most important challenges we face today.

The NEWHuman Condition

Arendt’s landmark analysis of the condition of, and potential for, human development through her concepts of Labour, Work and Action, offers a host of inspirations in today’s world characterised by extreme levels of socio-economic inequality, ecological degradation and a deep crisis of democratic representative politics.

In the spirit of Arendt’s reflections on political responsibility in a diverse and pluralistic work and recognising the values of inclusive democratic governance today, the conference will place a special emphasis on creating real dialogue, fostering a new understanding of critical reflection and the development of concrete perspectives on advocacy and collaboration across political, cultural and jurisdictional divides and boundaries.

Focusing on value and the possibilities of individual and collective human agency in politically and socio-economically divided times, the conference will mark a moment to actively reflect on our responsibility in today’s world.

Why Law?

Lawyers are crucial power-brokers, agents of change and can act to emancipate, to empower and to amplify concerns otherwise suppressed or ignored. As such, and at every stage of their training and career, they are called on upon to assume a position of leadership and responsibility both professionally and personally.


Held over three and a half days, KTLS18 will facilitate in-depth conversations through keynotes, panel and roundtable discussions as well as specialised workshops. The Summit will amplify existing conversations and initiate new debates on the themes of environmental justice, economy, health, migration, equality and action. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with speakers and delegates during a variety of evening events. Choose your area of interest and explore related conference sessions.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018:   The New Human Condition: Creating Justice for our Future

Wednesday 11 April 2018:   Economic & Environmental Justice

Thursday 12 April 2018:   The Human Life | Health | Technology | Inequality | Migration | Film Awards

Friday 13 April 2018:   Knowledge & Action

Please visit the KLTS18 website for speaker biographies, session abstracts and the full programme:

In addition to a comprehensive legal programme, evening events include a film premiere, film awards, poetry, prose, photography and music.


The event attracts legal scholars and practitioners, policy makers, representatives of national and international organisations, public and private, city councils and unions, grass-roots organisations, fiction writers and poets, activists and members of the wider civil society.

With 400 participants expected, the Summit will feature a challenging and thought-provoking agenda creating space for transnational conversations, networking and long-term collaborations across different disciplines and professions.


We would like to extend to you an opportunity to register for KTLS18. You will have the option to join us for the whole Summit or for a shorter period. To view our exciting programmeof events, please visit www.transnationallawsummit.organd follow @KCL_Lawon Twitter for #KTLS18 updates.